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ABOUT - Richmond Wedding Photographer




Hi. I'm Amber.

I am many things- a photographer, a lover of life, an incessant student, a mother, a need-to-blog-more blogger, a gluten free foodie, a believer in second chances, a coffee mixed with hot chocolate and vanilla almond milk sipper, a crazy cat lady, a graduate of fine arts school, a sometimes brash, often sarcastic, woman with a passion for an authentic life.

I make images of life. My life. Your life. The lives of those I love. The lives of those who step in front of my camera. I adore people in love. I am a romantic at heart and a believer in the power of the human spirit. I love all things beautiful. I love the seemingly unbeautiful moments as well for they teach us to find the beauty that is always there.

And oh how I love finding the beauty...with my camera.

Step in front of my camera...let me capture your beauty...let me capture your your life and your love.