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Why Photograph Weddings in Virginia



Photography has been one of the few constants in my life. What started as a way to spend time with my father became a hobby, which later led to a career. A camera just feels like home in my hands and it's a little difficult to explain because at the same time that taking photos calms me it also excites me. When I'm camera in hand, chasing the light, looking through my viewfinder...I'm in my happy place and life makes sense.

People in love are a joy to be around. They smile a lot. Kiss a lot. They touch each other gently and affectionately. They nuzzle and they joke. As a person who has loved and who has lost I appreciate all of that. Two people loving each other and standing in front of the world and announcing their commitment and love to one another is such a beautiful thing. It is a reminder to me of all that is possible and that life is best spent wrapped in the arms of those you love.

I photograph weddings because I love love. I love the palpable joy a wedding brings. I love all the beautiful details that make each couple so unique. I love all of the emotions of a wedding day- anticipation, joy, nervousness, love, tears, laughter. I photograph weddings because they are such a beautiful beginning. I photograph weddings because they are history in the making, they are day one of a new family. And that is so beautiful. I photograph weddings because I want you to remember your wedding day- all of the parts of the day that unfold and you can't possibly take it all in. I photograph weddings because I am a storyteller, a recorder of memories, a documenter of history.


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